Shakeology Review – Real Shakeology Reviews and Facts

In this Shakeology review, we’ll take a look at nutrition facts, how Shakeology was created, and what’s included when you order. The Beachbody Shakeology shake has quickly become a popular choice in the crowded meal replacement market, and we’ll take an inside look at exactly why it’s become a best-seller.

Shakeology Review: The Beginnings

Shakeology ReviewShakeology is the combination brainchild of Beachbody and Darin Olien.

The concept began in 2006 when Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler reached out to Darin Olien of Darin’s Naturals to develop a new breed of meal replacement protein shake. Olien jumped at the offer to take part in such a dynamic venture with one of the top at home fitness companies on the planet.

From the get go Olien used his academic knowledge of physiology and nutrition to work out the proper balance of ingredients needed to make a comprehensively healthy shake that would help balance any nutrient based irregularities in the body. Olien traveled extensively to find the right all natural products, over 70 in total, to make up the shakes and by 2008 Shakeology had hit the market with a boom.

Currently, Beachbody offers two flavors, chocolate and greenberry, but there are plans to add more as Olien continues to work on additional varieties to add to the Shakeology line.

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Shakeology is intended to be used once or twice a day as a healthy alternative to a regular meal. A Shakeology shake often contains more minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and various other beneficial enzymes than a traditional meal. This is because Shakeology is made from a variety of whole foods and does not used processed byproducts or strictly powdered vitamins to give the body what it needs. The use of whole foods assists the body in expelling toxins and absorbing a fuller amount of the beneficial ingredients.

The substantially reported benefits of Shakeology from both consumers and doctors alike include weight loss, lowered cholesterol, increased energy, more digestive regularity, and suppression of food cravings.

Shakeology Review: What’s Included When You Order?

Shakeology ReviewsWhen you buy Shakeology, you can chose from a large bulk bag (30 servings) of one flavor or a box of single serve packets (24 servings)in either one individual flavor or a combination of both. In addition to this, you have the option of having your Shakeology conveniently shipped automatically every month with free shipping or purchasing a onetime shipment.

If you choose the auto ship option, Beachbody will throw in free of charge two workout DVDs the first month and on the second month will ship you a specialized Shakeology shaker cup to assist you in reaching your health goals.

The Shakeology Workout DVD’s

The DVD’s included with the automatic monthly shipment are to help you attain the maximum benefit from using Shakeology as a meal replacement plan. The first DVD is a 30 minute workout and the second DVD is a 50 minute exercise DVD. Beachbody recommends that you use these two DVD’s in whatever combination works for you at least three times per week to get the best results. Though also using other Beachbody at home fitness programs would be beneficial as well.

Shakeology Reviews: Time Commitment Required

Shakeology is a flexible meal replacement program, though Beachbody recommends substituting one meal per day to obtain the most benefits. If you are committed to using Shakeology on a monthly basis to sustain your energy and maintain any weight loss, Beachbody offers a convenient automatic shipment option without you needing to remember to regenerate your supply once it is gone. Though if you just want to go month by month until you feel you have reached your wellness and health goals, Beachbody also offers a pay as you go option.

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If taken along with regular exercise and healthy eating over a 90-day period, Shakeology can lead to weight loss in the double digits, a drop in cholesterol by 30%, an abundance of stamina, and better digestive regularity.

The Shakeology Nutritional Plan

Beachbody suggests that those on the Shakeology meal replacement plan substitute between 1-2 meals per day, any more than two per day should not be done for a prolonged period. Moreover, Beachbody points out that healthy eating habits should be maintained and proposes that three meals and two fit snacks be eaten every day with your choice of which meals to replace with Shakeology.

A recipe booklet is included with your purchase of Shakeology so you can make delicious and nutritious smoothies in your home.

Shakeology Facts: Additional Items Needed

While Shakeology can be made by simply putting water and a scoop of the Shakeology formula into a shaker cup and shaking thoroughly, for the smoothie recipes that contain addition ingredients you will need a blender. Many of the smoothie recipes include ingredients such as fresh fruit, peanut butter, and the like that will need to be blended completely into the shake in order for it to be as tasty as possible.

We hope that this Shakeology review has given you the facts you need to decide whether or not this popular meal replacement shake is right for you.

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