Is Shakeology a Scam, Hoax, or Ripoff?

Shakeology ScamIs Shakeology a scam, hoax, or ripoff? Or is this increasingly popular meal replacement shake really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Shakeology came out on the market in 2008 after Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler turned to Darin Olien of Darin’s Naturals to develop a protein drink that was all encompassing. Olien traveled far and wide to find the proper natural ingredients to make this protein shake a cut above the rest.

All in all Olien filled Shakeology with over 70+ minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which had been derived from whole foods. No other meal replacement protein drink on the market offers up such a healthy variety of constructive elements to aid in your wellbeing.

The use of whole foods is what really makes the difference as steering away from powdered or processed ingredients makes it easier for the body to absorb the multitude of nutrients that Shakeology is comprised of. This is part of the reason why consumers and doctors alike rave about the plethora of health benefits observed while on the Shakeology meal replacement regime. Such touted benefits include energy rejuvenation, decrease in food cravings, weight loss, improvements to cardiovascular health, and increased digestive regularity.

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Beachbody suggests replacing one or two meals per day with a Shakeology drink in order to experience these tangible benefits. Consumers have the option of choosing from Chocolate or Greenberry flavors though a third tropical flavor is being introduced in 2012 with more flavors to be added over the coming years.

Shakeology Scam?

Shakeology RipoffThere is some talk out there amongst the fitness conscious crowd that thre is a Shakeology scam of sorts.

There are plenty of reviews on Shakeology all around the internet, the majority of them gleaming. Some people find the overly positive reviews to be too praising of Shakeology and therefore doubt the sincerity of the reviewer. While there may be many of these actual types of reviews out on the web the straight reality is that Shakeology is effective as a meal replacement regime and doctors have confirmed that using Shakeology daily can lead to health benefits that are manifold.

The real concern seems to be not with the results offered by Shakeology, but with the price of the product itself. The total cost of a bulk package of Shakeology costs $119.95, this package contains 30 servings. When you break it down each shake equates to $4, and to many individuals this seems like a pricey endeavor. But, if you think about it, when you buy Shakeology it is replacing one full meal in a day, a meal that more than likely would have cost in excess of $4. So, in a sense you are actually saving some money while bettering your body in the process.

Beachbody’s Excellent Reputation

As discussed in our full Shakeology review, the meal replacement shake is a big seller along with many of Beachbody other non-nutrition based products; such as P90X, Turbo Fire, and Brazil Butt Lift. Oftentimes customers purchasing these exercise programs will also opt to utilize the Shakeology meal replacement regime to get the best overall result from their fitness commitment. Beachbody has a very strong following of repeat customers who attest to the quality of products put forth by the company. For over two decades Beachbody has successfully promoted itself as being an at home fitness company that provides not only amazing results, but that also gives customers a remarkable and receptive service experience.

Beachbody holds itself completely accountable for its customers satisfaction, and this is certainly evident in the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Beachbody maintains a lofty A+ rating with the BBB, this in itself is remarkable as many businesses the size of Beachbody would have a difficult time attaining and then sustaining such a high rating.

Beachbody’s Money Back Guarantee

Shakeology GuaranteeTo add to Beachbody’s reputability the company offers a convenient money back guarantee on all product purchased on their website, this is inclusive of Shakeology.

Some products come with an extended 90-day guarantee though the norm is a 30-day money back promise if a customer is unsatisfied. Shakeology is one of the many products under the 30-day guarantee period umbrella, if you are unhappy anytime during the 30 days after receiving the Shakeology you may contact customer service to get your $119.95 back in your wallet. Beachbody claims that even if you have finished the Shakeology bag or most of it you can send it back and still get money in hand if you found the product to be inferior; this shows how much they believe in its products and how devoted they are to appeasing the customer.

If you are still concerned over Beachbody’s reputation as an online fitness and health retailer, head over to their community message boards to read real comments from people just like you who are currently using Beachbody products. Doing so will give you an idea of whether Shakeology is a product worthy of your purchase or not.

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